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It’s been a while since I posted a tasty Tuesday treat, my lovelies. And yet, this will likely be the last one. Fear not, I’m still cooking and baking. I’ve finally realized, however, that while I can bake I am far, far better at cooking. What’s more, my weekly baking schedule was definitely taking it’s […]

Something “simple but not too plain” = white & yellow gold loop necklace. For a friend, because she’s had a hard time finding something that fit the bill.

Sunning themselves as they do, much like my first viewing.

fun urban art at Jack London Square

The folks at Larson Winery like to poke fun!

I’m finally organizing my new & old faves, including this button necklace. Why? Because Open Studios are coming. And that thing called the holiday season… Enjoy this #FeatureFriday pic & have a great weekend!