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Casual Carpool etiquette


BART strike bringing out the best and worst in us

For those of you who aren’t Bay Area residents or transportation news nerds, BART workers are on strike and have been since Monday. Bay Area Rapid Transit is the largest of this region’s regional train services. Imagine if New York’s Metro North workers went on strike? Or Chicago’s Metra? Most news outlets are focused on […]

velo vino ville: biking urban wineries

This week’s tasty Tuesday treat is not about baking. It’s not even about cooking. This time I’m blogging about another gastronomic love—wine. Ooooh, how I love it so. When I moved to the Bay Area almost 8 years ago, I realized that I didn’t really know much about wine. Well, living 90 minutes away from […]

more bike commute love, in a congested network

This Wednesday, I’m feeling a bit wonky. Don’t worry, I’ve still shared a (relatively) Wordless Wednesday post. So it’s a two-fer! As it is still National Bike Month, I figured I’d talk a bit more about biking love. Last week I wrote about my experience biking to work at home. I’m still a bit in awe of […]

biking to work at home

So, I feel that I’ve been remiss in posting about urban planning nerdiness. Though I’m going to geek out a tiny bit right now, I do hope this post will be something everyone can understand if not relate to. I’m talking about biking! You all know how to ride a bike, right? If not, you’re […]

is that a solar system car? yep. sure is.

joys of life in the Bay!

in defense of space

Ok, just to be clear, not the kind of space that extends for infinity beyond our atmosphere. The space in your city or town. The space on the street–the physical distance between buildings, square footage allotted to sidewalks, roads, etc, all that stuff. Or more pointedly, the lack of such space. It’s Earth Day, and […]