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hanging out w my newest business partner


yawning hippo, #WordlessWednesday

so cool to capture a vid of a yawning hippo while at Timbavati Wildlife Reserve. so many goodies from my trip to South Africa. happy wednesday!

Paris through urban design.

Paris is beautiful. The Eiffel Tour. The Louvre. Place de la Concorde. The food. I’ll say that one again: the food! But this post is about urban design. Urban design in Paris, mind you, but urban design for sure.  Why? Because you can find info where to stay, and where to eat, and what to […]


fried cheese on ciabatta for WordlessWednesday

Water Buffalo

necklace inspired by my travels to Johannesburg, as promised in my previous post (

Johannesburg parking garage entrance, #WordlessWednesday

Johannesburg. a visit with my sister.

A few months back, almost a year ago now, I went to visit my sister in Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa. It had been ages since she and I had spent a chunk of time in the same city, and a few weeks away sounded great. Plus, it was probably the fourth time […]