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my cooking routine | aka why I blog about food

Every now and then someone asks why I blog about food. Since it’s been a while, I figured I would talk a bit about my love of gastronomy. To be fair, this is a reasonable question; I’m an urban planner turned jewelry designer. But there are two things to remember: (1) I am a foodie. […]

blackberry-apple cobbler | aka farewell tasty Tuesday

It’s been a while since I posted a tasty Tuesday treat, my lovelies. And yet, this will likely be the last one. Fear not, I’m still cooking and baking. I’ve finally realized, however, that while I can bake I am far, far better at cooking. What’s more, my weekly baking schedule was definitely taking it’s […]

velo vino ville: biking urban wineries

This week’s tasty Tuesday treat is not about baking. It’s not even about cooking. This time I’m blogging about another gastronomic love—wine. Ooooh, how I love it so. When I moved to the Bay Area almost 8 years ago, I realized that I didn’t really know much about wine. Well, living 90 minutes away from […]

where’s my sous chef!?!

Ok, to be fair she’s not my sous chef. But on my previous, and most successful attempt at strawberry cake, my dear friend Celeste was visiting from Detroit. In between all her Pinning, she prepped some of my portions and took photos so that I didn’t have to pause in between steps. She’s a better photographer […]

my kitchen smells amazing!

I’ve been trying my hand at a few different biscotti recipes along this baking journey. When I shared the last batch with my mates at the studio, our illustrious owner Adam Clarke said: Zabe, these are good. But if you ever want to make traditional Italian biscotti get some anise seed from Frank. It’s powerful […]

pork knuckle chili

It’s time for another tasty Tuesday treat. Unfortunately the baking bug did not bite me this week (again! I’ve been busy getting creative) but it looks like strawberries are still in season. I’ll probably post my final attempt for the season next week. In the interim, I’m still a hungry lady! And I have a […]

learning to bake — chocolate chip hazelnut/cherry biscotti

A couple weeks ago, my tasty Tuesday treat was double chocolate biscotti. They were yummy, but didn’t quite surpass the “plain” version. These biscotti are among the first items in my baking journey, and have become staples in my baking repertoire. It’s simple, and the cinnamon in the dough adds a lightly spiced flavor. Since […]