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I got yer color right here!

Quite a few folks have asked why I don’t make lots of pieces with loads of color. First things, first: I albsolutely do! I work with natural stones quite often, particularly when set in big, bold rings. Just take a look! Second: I’m a pretty colorful gal.  It’s one of the Caribbean generalisms that apply […]

another line of cormorants

Sunning themselves as they do, much like my first viewing.

velo vino ville: biking urban wineries

This week’s tasty Tuesday treat is not about baking. It’s not even about cooking. This time I’m blogging about another gastronomic love—wine. Ooooh, how I love it so. When I moved to the Bay Area almost 8 years ago, I realized that I didn’t really know much about wine. Well, living 90 minutes away from […]

Feeling the San Francisco Pride

It’s Pride weekend and I live in the Bay Area. While it’s possible to see this as a normal weekend, it’s not an easy task. San Francisco’s Pride Parade is the largest LGBT celebration in the nation, with 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and 20 stages. San Francisco’s normal anything goes attitude is amped up for […]

all I really need is a hammer (loving the job, part 2)

Every job has it’s frustrations. Those necessary but piddling things you’re forced to do. The kinds of moments captured in the movie Office Space. Or those times when you’re at a loss as to how to solve your latest problem, overcome the newest hurdle. As much as I love this new endeavor of mine, those […]

rainbow in San Francisco - miss bent

rainbow above, look up!

How cool is this? A rainbow over SF to brighten our day! Spied as I walked around Union Square on my way to the studio. Proof that it’s good to look up once in a while.

pork knuckle chili

It’s time for another tasty Tuesday treat. Unfortunately the baking bug did not bite me this week (again! I’ve been busy getting creative) but it looks like strawberries are still in season. I’ll probably post my final attempt for the season next week. In the interim, I’m still a hungry lady! And I have a […]