Many, many years ago I was a wee, little girl from Kingston, Jamaica migrating to New York City and soon after to New Rochelle, NY. Even then, dreams of artistry danced in my head. I have been designing and creating in various media since I was a girl, when mum had me make all the clothes, tools, and structures for my dolls and action figures. But, alas, I did not become a cool artist. At least not at first. Instead I went to a fancy liberal arts college and then to a fancy engineering school. I became a fancy urban planner and quite enjoyed it. Go figure.

Eight years ago I left the northeast behind. I’m now a San Francisco Bay Area resident, just recently settled in Oakland, CA. I keep saying I’m not “a lifer”, but I’m still here in the Bay. And I’m loving the fact that I don’t have to experience weather described in “degrees below zero”. Last year decided to leave my day job behind and get back to my artsy roots for a bit. Being a freelancer allows me the flexibility to manage my two lives as one whole: artist (handmade jewelry) and urban planning consultant (transportation).

This blog is my story, my ramblings, and my rants. You can check out my creations here and occasionally here, or just subscribe to my feed.

Looking forward to chatting with you!


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