I got yer color right here!

Quite a few folks have asked why I don’t make lots of pieces with loads of color. First things, first: I albsolutely do! I work with natural stones quite often, particularly when set in big, bold rings. Just take a look!

Second: I’m a pretty colorful gal.  It’s one of the Caribbean generalisms that apply to me: I dress in color! Even in the studio I go for a striped orange apron and bright yellow sneaks. It’s often fun being the lone turquoise dress in a room of LBDs at a cocktail party. Or orange suit jacket at the office. Or perhaps an ikat scarf in bright reds and golds.

Remember that Coco Chanel adage: take on thing off before you leave the house. Because I like to wear color, I tend to keep my jewelry line very simple (partly because I’d rather skip the editing at the end!). Modern, clean looks can be paired with anything from bright colors to classic darker tones. Clean shapes can complete your office wear or complement your party outfit.

So if you’re looking for color, check out these rings and earrings. But if you’re already a super colorful lady like me, stick to my staples. Whatever direction you’re moving in, enjoy it, wear it with flair, and just rock out!

Keep it Simple - Miss Bent



  1. amber · · Reply

    Are there links to the rings and earrings?

    1. yup! I just checked and confirmed them. enjoy!

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