Presenting… Slim Precious

That’s right, Slim.Precious. An odd choice, I know, but I asked and you answered. Winner Spencer Lightsy wrote “I’ve got nothing, but here are some things Smeagol asked me to forward… slim precious, tiny precious, wrist precious, precious on the wrist.”

Smeagol! Who would have thought I would create jewelry reminiscent of Lord of the Rings? Or maybe all roads lead to Tolkien? Well, not quite. You can tell from some of the following suggestions that there was a celestial theme with this piece.

handmade silver bracelet, fine jewelry, untitled artwork,

  • open hug / open arms
  • embrace / embracelet
  • slice
  • zorro
  • orbit (3 times!)
  • cicle (circle + cycle)
  • affinity
  • spring eternal
  • celeste
  • kindred

But “Smeagol’s” suggestions made me laugh (I’m a sci-fi girl!). Plus, the concept of “tiny precious” got me thinking of rings. And earrings, and… who knows. So kudos to Spencer for a great set of names and for kindling my creativity for more pieces. Slim precious will be on its way to him (and his wife) shortly.

That’s not all! Trish Marcus Suchlow submitted a boatload of great ideas. If the contest included runners up, some of her suggestions might be among them. I might just have to add her to my payroll! So Trish will receive a 20% off gift certificate that she can use on my site.

And finally to the 3 lovely ladies who independently suggested “Orbit”: great minds think alike! While I love the name, and even think it fits, I’m working on another piece that just screams orbit to me. Stay tuned for that listing.

Many thanks to all those who submitted a name. I absolutely loved reading through them all.

Looking forward to the next time


NB: this story is also posted at, with permission of course.

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