where’s my sous chef!?!

Ok, to be fair she’s not my sous chef. But on my previous, and most successful attempt at strawberry cake, my dear friend Celeste was visiting from Detroit. In between all her Pinning, she prepped some of my portions and took photos so that I didn’t have to pause in between steps. She’s a better photographer than I, and a supreme tart baker. So, while the current attempt turned out well enough, I’m convinced that I need a sous chef. Or maybe I’m just a high maintenance baker.

This past weekend, I went to a birthday party honoring several friends. I was not even gonna try to make “the” birthday cake, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to bake something rather than show up with a traditional bottle of wine. Plus, I wanted to get in at least one more try before the local strawberry season passes. So for this Tuesday’s treat: strawberry cupcakes! …And a twofer: anise biscotti.

Strawberry Cupcakes - Little Miss Bent

not super pretty, but all dressed up and ready to go!

Apart from the fact that I made cupcakes rather than a layer cake, I didn’t deviate from the strawberry cake recipe, so I won’t repeat it. Instead I’ll just say that the cake was, once again, quite tasty. Good strawberry flavor without being overly sweet or cloying. Score. The recipe made 24 yummy, if not quite pretty, cupcakes.

Did you guess the problem given that last comment? Yep, I still have not made a good frosting. I think I need a class. Or a coach. Or to focus on something I’m actually good at doing. Just kidding; I’m not giving up yet! I do need to figure out what I’m not doing right, though. I made sure the cupcakes were fully cooled. I followed the directions for the frosting. It tasted good. It just didn’t fluff like frosting or hold any shape at all. Maybe it was too darn hot outside (I doubt that last bit). Any way you take it, I need to try again. Maybe I’ll make a carrot cake or red velvet cake with plain cream cheese frosting. Or one of the recipes pinged below. Who knows…

Have tips on making a great cream cheese frosting? Please (no really, please) feel free to type them in. Thx.

Interested in the anise biscotti? Click on through!

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