Untitled, part 002 needs a name!

Untitled, part 002 - Zabe Bent Metals

Helloooo, my lovelies! It’s that time again: I’ve created a piece with no name. Just as before, it’s yours if you can think of a fitting name.

So, do you have one? Go ahead and post your suggestion on my Facebook or Google+ page, mention me in a tweet, or just jot something in the comments below.

It’s name (and the winner) will be announced on Wednesday, June 26th. You’ve got until bedtime on Tuesday, June 25th to come up with something catchy.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading your ideas!


ps: this is also the first in a few more wristwear items to come! They’ll be available on my site later this week!


  1. some entries thus far:
    – open hug/arms
    – slice
    – zorro
    – vortex
    – spring eternal
    – embrace / embracelet
    – cicle (circle + cycle)

  2. […] I had hoped. Picking the webhost and theme, photographing and writing copy for each piece, and then naming and pricing them was a huge effort. And each of the pieces in those initial collections is precious […]

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