every woman should make a statement

If this post had a subtitle it would be: jewelry every woman should own. Recently, I’ve been asking what people want to hear, and this topic is one of them. I’ll cut to the chase. Most stylists and fashion fiends will tell you that you need anywhere from 5 to 10 key items. The common elements are:

  • simple studs, typically diamonds or pearls
  • a string of pearls
  • a long chain necklace
  • a short pendant necklace
  • a costume/cocktail ring

Some will add in other pieces: a chunky cuff; a charm bracelet; a classic watch; hoop earrings; linear earrings. These, in my humble opinion, will only get you so far. Buy the basics because they are building blocks. And buy supplemental items if you want to expand your collection.

But here’s my take on the subject: one item. A statement piece. One single bauble that just screams your name. That’s what you need.

This may seem counter-intuitive. I’m a jewelry designer. I should want to sell you loads of baubles (and not so deep down, I do!). These pieces are great building blocks that work quite well together. But I’m being honest here. And what you need–what you really must have in your rotation–is a piece of jewelry that feels like “you”. This item should make you feel like your most confident, most comfortable, most playful self. It should be the piece that gives you warm and fuzzies when people comment on it.

my 3 go-to rings. Lime Tree, Watchface, and Blades

my go-to rings. Lime Tree, Watchface, and Blades

For some people it’s huge, funky hoops. Or a jade bracelet. Maybe a turquoise necklace. Me, I like big rings. Simple and chunky, like the one I call “Blades”. Or perhaps fluidly natural, like the one I call “Lime Tree”. My signature item, though, the one that screams “Zabe” is “Watchface”. It’s huge but simple, and such a pale, neutral color that I don’t feel I’m being garish when I wear it. I wandered into a tiny shop and found this stone, already cracked, yet still made something lovely with it. When I slip it on my finger, it feels like an extension of me. When people comment on it, I smile inside.

Every woman, every person, really, should have that feeling. I’m not saying one should rely on an accessory for confidence. That’s a bit crazy. But everyone has his or her favorite sweater. You know, the one you curl into on the couch. Or those pumps that you can wear for hours on end, and they also make your calves look amazing. Or the pearls your mum gave you on your 16th birthday. For men, it might be the tie or cufflinks received for your first job. Or your granddad’s pocket watch. It’s comfortable, and wearing it makes you smile.

Watchface -- so big it does look like a watch face!

Watchface — so big it does look like a watch face!

This is the type of piece everyone should own. If you’re not quite ready to step out of your comfort zone, then make one of the basics your signature piece. Pick out something with an unexpected flair. But knowing that that piece is a unique or limited edition just like you sweetens the deal. So when you see a piece that speaks to you, buy it. If you have an idea what you’d like but haven’t found it, have it made if you can. Or purchase a piece from someone who does small batch or handmade pieces, and then make it your own.

If you have a statement piece, let’s hear about it. Where you found it. What it means to you. Share its story, if you like. Still looking for one? Let’s hear about that too!



  1. I love this, Zabe! I’m not sure I’ve found my statement piece yet. But, yes, it seems every woman needs something that just represents her. I’m going to have to keep looking. Love your watchface!

    1. Thanks for suggesting it, Jennifer! I think searching for that piece is part of what makes it special. Happy hunting!

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