naming woes begone!

Zabe Bent Metals - Hoot - handmade necklace

part 001 no more! this guy little guy is now called Hoot!

Hello my lovelies! The results are in; part 001 shall now be called Hoot! Just over a week ago, I announced my difficulties with naming the jewelry pieces I create, particularly this piece. My remedy was to launch a naming contest. The rules? You suggest a name for my piece; if it’s a winner, you get the piece free.

What fun it was! Friends, bloggers, and customers jumped at the chance to rattle off names based on the ideas provoked by the design. The names ran the gamut: from  “annie are you ok” to “somersault” and “unfurl”. It was amazing to see the variety of images that everyone found in this one piece. Do you see the carrot that one friend saw? Or the mother and child that another saw? When I first created the piece, it was just a random design. Just a series of curves and bent metal. Now, I see the owl that winner Jennifer DeWind sees.

I also noted that the entries vary based on how you look at it. Some people saw the piece in landscape/horizontal orientation and others in portrait/vertical. The suggestions were quite different from those people. Seen horizontally, rather than an owl you might see a “fist bump” or an envelope, in which case you might suggest “chain mail”. So instead of asserting a direction, I just went with it. Now, the piece can be oriented either way depending on where the jump rings (the attachments to the chain) are placed. So it’s up to the wearer to choose.

Perhaps the best part of this contest is getting to see all the ideas and images, though a pretty close second is getting the name itself. Knowing that I no longer need to stress over my naming woes is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m already working on another piece that I have yet to name. I’m looking forward to finding a name for it myself, but it’s comforting to know that my community will see me through if or when I cannot.  I’m so grateful!

So, thanks so much to those of you who submitted a name for this lovely “sleeping owlet”. Follow me on the interwebs for the next opportunity to name (and win) one of my creations. Just click on one of the icons to the right.


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