Jamaican Easter = BUN!

If you’re American or European Easter probably means ham and colored eggs and romps through the park. If you’re Christian Easter probably means the end of Lent and flowery, pastel-colored dresses or hats.

But if you’re Jamaican like me, Easter means bun. Bun! Derived from English cross buns, Jamaican bun is a scrumptiously sinful spiced loaf of goodness, that is somewhat of a blend between molasses/ginger cake and stollen sans icing. The density varies based on personal taste, but it is typically a moist, sweet loaf spiced with nutmeg, allspice and a kind of stouty beer. It’s usually served with a sharp cheese–yummy, yellow, processed ‘tin cheese‘ when I was a child, regular ol’ New York cheddar in recent years.

man with bun & cheese

photo credit: Columbus Caribbean

In Jamaica, you can now get bun year-round. You can also find it year-round in places with loads of Jamaicans, like South Florida and New York, where I grew up. But if you’re a far-away transplant like me, you wait until someone takes pity on you and sends you a bun at Easter. Since I moved to Northern California my mum has graciously been the person to send me a bun each year. Homemade, no less! It’s relatively difficult to get Jamaican delights in the Bay Area. So much so that Easter has become the day that most reminds me of home. Mum sends bun, I share it with a few friends, and we lean back in our seats and crack that smile you get when you bite into your favorite comfort food. I want to dive in like this guy, but instead I savor it. I eat it on Easter Sunday like you’re supposed to do… and every morning thereafter until it’s done.

This year was no different; I spent Easter mostly chillin’ and eating. As the date approached I said, “Easter is coming! Yay!” Some people thought I was excited about church hats and egg-hunts and such. But, those who know me know I was excited about a little loaf of spicy, homemade goodness.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend too. Feel free to tell me all about it.


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