Quite a few folks have asked why I don’t make lots of pieces with loads of color. First things, first: I albsolutely do! I work with natural stones quite often, particularly when set in big, bold rings. Just take a look! Second: I’m a pretty colorful gal.  It’s one of the Caribbean generalisms that apply […]

Ok, I confess. I listen to holiday music all year round. I love good music, and I just don’t mind if it happens to be holiday-themed. Louis Armstrong’s Cool Yule is among my favorite songs. And Baby It’s Cold Outside. This season happens to be the only time of year people don’t groan at me […]

It was just about one-year ago this month that I launched my website and made what I consider my first real sale.  Now I’m busying myself with holiday preparations and an anniversary sale, but the first independent gig was a big deal. I’ve been making jewelry for about 7 years and making sales along the way. […]

Every now and then someone asks why I blog about food. Since it’s been a while, I figured I would talk a bit about my love of gastronomy. To be fair, this is a reasonable question; I’m an urban planner turned jewelry designer. But there are two things to remember: (1) I am a foodie. […]

Apparently, I’m still on a wristwear kick. But at least it’s this super fun, crazy artsy flattop bracelet inspired by the Powell Street Parklet and the 24th Street BART Station. Stay tuned for more pieces inspired by urban images.